Culture and Commerce

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”  -Steve Jobs


We’re born into one and we choose the rest along the way.

The cultures we embrace become the embodiment of our being.

Everything has a culture.

My grocery store, my neighborhood coffee shop, my gym, my high school, my college, my place of employment…and the inanimate objects I purchase: my car, my shoes, my phone, my jeans.

They’re the embodiment of everyone elses thoughts, interactions and experiences.

We join these tribes. Some we’ll relate to and embrace forever (Harley, Apple, Ducati, Levi’s). Others we’ll ignore (Crocs).

But most, we’ll have to buy into, because culture is commerce and commerce creates culture.

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  • Contactkenthorgan

    What’s lacking culture? Self, others, or all the digital content beaming through one portal? When it’s so easy to create, people do. No lacking there. The culture behind it is often lost in itself.. Jumping into/onto. Creating A culture is difficult. If every brand has its own culture….

  • Kareem Ahmed

     Kent, I have to admit, I’m slightly confused. I’d like to understand what you’re saying….clarify?